What is Burning Pub?

Burning Pub is the monthly meet for burners in and around London (or whoever turns up from the great wide world) to keep up social contact, plan the bigger events that happen through the year, or just make connections with other burners, escaping from the default world for an evening.

You're equally welcome if you've been to Burning Man, Nowhere, or other regional burns many times, or if you are new and would simply like to learn more. For links to more info about regional burns, see the bottom of this page.

Our Venue
The Miller
96 Snowsfields Road
London Bridge
London SE1 3SS


We have booked some tables in the side room on the ground floor for our exclusive use and we also have three outdoor tables at the front reserved so that those that aren't comfortable spending time inside can still participate.
Burning Pub is normally held on the Third Thursday of every month.


It's your event
Burning Pub is there for the community to use. If you want to put on a performance, announce something, or use Burning Pub for any small scale burner thing please email us (address below).

Burners are a friendly lot, but sometimes attending Burning Pub for the first time, especially if you don't know anyone yet, can be a bit daunting. Look out for volunteers wearing tiaras. They are particularly approachable and welcoming and will happily introduce you to other burners. They can also answer any questions you may have about various burn events, or be able to point you at someone who can.

See you there!